Visit to Yogyakarta

Once you arrive at Yogyakarta, at least you can visit the following destinations:
  1. Yogyakarta Palace
  2. Merapi Volcano
  3. Kaliurang – tourism destination at Merapi Volcano
  4. Prambanan Temple and temples surrounding Prambanan Temple
  5. Queen of Boko Temple, and the surrounding temples
  6. Merapi Eruption area, located at Muntilan, one way to Borobudur Temple.
  7. Borobudur Temple and temples surrounding Borobudur Temple
  8. Ketep Pass, to see the beauty of Merapi Volcano as well as the movie documenting the Merapi Eruptions.
  9. Parang Tritis Beach
  10. The night at  the south yard of Yogyakarta Palace and the mystery of a couple of Ringin Trees.
  11. The night of Malioboro street
Just info for those interested visiting Ambarawa:
Ambarawa Railway Museum click here
A Ride on the Ambarawa Rack Railway click here
This is the Gedong Songo Tempel at Ambarawa click here
Imagining the distance of Ambarawa from Yogyakarta click here
or click here for static map and faster access

Ah ... one or two more things that you need to know about Yogyakarta, this is one of the temple scattered surrounding Prambanan Temple, the name is Ratu Boko Temple. Want to see? click here
 Again about Yogya: this is the center of clay handy craft at Kasongan Village click here
I think this is also worth to be visited, the wild bird "Kuntul Bird" living blended with the villagers at Ketingan, Yogya click here


Anonymous said...

Terimakasih, info ini sangat membantu perjalanan kami ke Yogya.

sri murtini said...

wiih sangat keren sekali nih artikelnya.. terimakasih informasinya dan terimakasih juga sudah berbagii..

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