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Visit and explore the majesty of  Yogyakarta.  Where to stay in Yogyakarta? You can choose from the listed hotels below that fit to your preferences. This list will be continuously updated.

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The Rawa Pening Lake at Ambarawa Central Java click here

Today, March 27, 2012
Arround Yogyakarta, click here
The evening of Malioboro click here
 The evening of Alun-Alun Kidul click here

News Today, March 23, 2012
Thousands of Hindus celebrating the Nyepi (Silence) Holy Day at Prambanan Temple click here
Yogyakarta Palace in Picture click here
Taman Sari (inside the area of Yogyakarta palace click here
the Romantic of Yogyakarta in the past click here
2010, thousands cubic of Merapi's eruption materials have been flooded the highway Yogya-Magelang click here
Countryside Gunug Kidul, Yogyakarta click here
Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo, Central Java click here
Just info for those interested visiting Ambarawa:
Ambarawa Railway Museum click here
A Ride on the Ambarawa Rack Railway click here
This is the Gedong Songo Tempel at Ambarawa click here
Imagining the distance of Ambarawa from Yogyakarta click here
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More about Yogyakarta
About Prambanan click here
Ratu Boko Temple, is one of the exotic temple scattered surrounding Prambanan Temple click here
 Kasongan Village, a center of clay handy craft click here
This is also worth to be visited, the wild birds living blended with the villagers at Ketingan, click here

Merapi: the sad story from the eruption 2010 click here


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